Director:  Lamont Gant

Screenwriters:  Lamont Gant and Marlon McCaulsky

Producers: Lamont Gant (Creative Genius Films) and Emelyn Stuart (Stuart Film Group)

Genre:  Romance, Drama (Short Film)


"No Time For Love" aired on CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX networks throughout the U.S. from July 2014  to September 2014 on a show called African American Short Films. "No Time For Love" was well recieved by viewers all over the country.


When Olivia Bell (Erika Kennedy) an attractive young woman, met Isaac Bishop (Aaron Harris) a successful private practice physician, a mutual attraction is sparked between them. Everything seems perfect but Isaac's mysterious phone calls always seem to cut their dates short leaving Olivia confused and frustrated. Will Olivia follow her intuition and end their relationship or will she follow her heart instead?

no time for love

"VERY DEEP - Love, Trust, Perception,
and Communication...I really enjoyed

this movie." - (Utica)

like to see more work from this author

and team."  - (San Francisco-Oak-San Jose)



AWESOME! Lamont Gant is a wonderful producer. Thank you for bringing this to our area which is The CW or KCWE within my viewing area." - (Kansas City)

"LOVED IT - Especially the music by 
Conya Doss."

"The show was great!  By far No Time For Love was my favorite. Really a feel good and real type of show.Im looking forward to seeing more of that one! Absolutely awesome. Plenty of love going on there.  Awesome!"



"2 THUMBS UP -  Really enjoyed every minute, left me wanting to see more."


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