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RETURNED 2: Bridge To Sion


Authored by Lamont Gant, Marlon McCaulsky  &  V. Marie

Hunted by extraterrestrial forces, a young woman with supernatural abilities (Zara) is forced to abandon the farmhouse where she grew up when her parents are mysteriously murdered. While seeking safe haven, FBI Agent Jourdan Smith is tasked with finding her after discoveringher amazing abilities. But, becomes Zara’s surrogate mother determined to protect her at any cost. After forming an uneasy alliance with a familiar intergalactic traveler (Ixóe), they all soon learn that a collective power is needed to defeat the off world threat and unearth the depths of Zara’s hidden powers



Authored by Lamont Gant, Marlon McCaulsky  &  V. Marie

When Benjamin Lathan, a young man losing his battle with cancer,

wakes up in a hospital twelve years after the plane he was on disappeared,

he finds himself on a personal journey to discover the truth about what happened to him. With the help of a female galactic traveler, Ben realizes

that he has acquired amazing abilities beyond his own understanding and

that the answers he's looking for may be beyond this world.

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