Authored by Marlon McCaulsky, Lamont Gant, V. Marie

When Benjamin Lathan, a young man losing his battle with cancer,

wakes up in a hospital twelve years after the plane he was on disappeared,

he finds himself on a personal journey to discover the truth about what happened to him. With the help of a female galactic traveler, Ben realizes

that he has acquired amazing abilities beyond his own understanding and

that the answers he's looking for may be beyond this world.



                     An excellent read! on February 1, 2016 


By deanna james


Format: Kindle Edition 


I loved, loved, absolutely loved this book. The contributing authors did an amazing and wonderful job. My first sci-fi read and definitely not my last. Totally Fascinating.

The entire book very well written and detailed oriented. My interest was sparked from the beginning to end starting with the amazing and sharp cover. Each and every character was descriptive and developed. The storyline was unique. The action packed scenes were explosive and out of this world. (Lol)

My only and sole issue was I craved for more. This was a short read but far from short overall.

~Deanna's Bookshelf ~




                      Good Job! on May 6, 2016 


By An Artist At Work


Format: Kindle Edition 


I was surprised it ended so soon. The story was intriguing  and drew you in very quickly. I hope the movie comes out on DVD and VOD. I would love to see it in film format.

Kudos to the writers. Looking forward to the next chapter in Ben and Anissa / Ixoe journey.