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We are turning our latest novel RETURNED 2: Bridge to Sion into a feature film and we're asking for donations to help raise funds for film production.


RETURNED 2: Bridge to Sion, our third feature film and sequel to our incredibly successful film RETURNED, tells the story of a young woman with supernatural abilities (Zara) is forced to abandon the farmhouse where she grew up after her parents were mysteriously murdered. Local FBI agent Jourdan Smith (from RETURNED) is tasked with finding Zara but soon discovers she’s not the only one interested in finding Zara.


Once locating Zara, and forming an unexpected bond with her, Smith decides to try and protect her from an unknown alien force and becomes a surrogate mother to Zara, determined to protect her at any cost.


After forming an uneasy alliance with a familiar intergalactic traveler, they all soon learn that a collective power is needed to defeat the alien threat and unearth the depths of Zara’s hidden powers.


RETURNED 2: Bridge to Sion is an important milestone for Creative Genius Films because a sequel to our film RETURNED was requested by over 700 viewers/fans after watching it. RETURNED has over 700,000 views on YouTube and is available on multiple digital platforms including TUBI TV and VUDU.


RETURNED 2: Bridge to Sion is a completely independent film production and is slated to be distributed to festivals, digital platforms and RETURNED audiences all around the world.


Your support matters. Your donation supports our mission to champion creative, 
independent storytelling.

Creative Genius Films accepts donations via PayPal, the easiest way to transfer

funds using your credit card or bank account.


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