Director:  Lamont Gant

Screenwriters:  Lamont Gant, Marlon McCaulsky and V. Marie

Genre:  Sci-Fi Action Thriller


Blue Kimble and Diane Kirby star in "RETURNED", an original science fiction action thriller from Director Lamont Gant.


Benjamin Lathan (Kimble) is a young man losing is battle with cancer. When he boards a plane to New York for additional chemotherapy his flight disappears. 12 years later he wakes up in a hospital with no memory of what happened to him or where he's been. With the help of a mysterious beauty Anissa Rogers (Kirby), Ben finds himself on an unlikely journey to discover that the answers he's looking for may lie beyond this world.






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I don’t usually spend so much time in a review going on about a movie’s budget but in the case of RETURNED I think it bears mentioning that on a ridiculously small budget, it is totally and wonderfully astonishing what has been accomplished. If and when you watch RETURNED I think you’ll be impressed by what a dedicated director, cast and crew can do when they’re working on a project they truly believe in.   - Derrick Ferguson

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