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RETURNEd: Red carpet premiere event

"RETURNED" Red Carpet Premiere was AWESOME!!! Fans came out in full to support the film makers and stars of the film at the amazing 444 Theater in Atlanta, GA. Before the movie, guests enjoyed a very funny and entertaining performance  by  commedian Hurricane Andrew.  Special  thanks  to  Hurricane  for  coming  out  and  supporting  Creative  Genius  Film's  3rd Red Carpet Premiere Event with

continuous laughter.


Thank you Holly at 444 Theater, we wanna also thank Greg Favors of G&G Promotions and Showtime Security for a job well done, you all were incredibly  professional  and  incredibly  organized  and  on point.  We could not have done it without you and your team, Thank you!! 

Special Thank  you  to  Antonio Tiggs and his team for the incredible makeup work and practical effects done on our special red carpet guest, she was a huge hit on the red carpet!   Also a  special  Thank  you  to  Khalil Hasan and Kilah J.  from Red Carpet Express. Once again bringing that LIVE, E Hollywood  vibe  and  coverage  to our red carpet premiere event, you guys and ladies ROCK!! Also thank you to all the photographers that covered our event.


And  last  but  definitely  not  least,  we  wanna  thank  the  fans, family and friends for coming out to see the film and for supporting the novelization of "RETURNED". Wow, we were so humbled seeing the theater packed with so many beautiful faces.  What an Awesome night!

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