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Director:  Lamont Gant

Screenwriters:  Lamont Gant and Marlon McCaulsky

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Short Film)


Born from the creative vision of filmaker Lamont Gant (RETURNED), this visually stunning sci-fi/fantasy short film, set in a future world where people are enhanced with technology, follows a young business woman named Serenity (Amandah Rochelle) determined to spend a night out with three of her closest girl friends who live in different parts of the world - street smart Lyric [Asia Jae], outspoken Sezen [Kiya Jefferson], and off world ZIN [Morgan Roberts]. In a high tech future soured by urban and social decay, Serenity uses her unique form of transportation to bring her and her friends together for an adventure around the world.



lADIES nIGHT: 2077 (short film)


lADIES nIGHT: 2077 Official trailer

photos: behind the scenes of ladies night: 2077

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