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v. marie

Author and Screenplay Writer 


Victoria “V. Marie” Brock, is the co-writer of the film “RETURNED”, she’s also a creative writer and author of adult fiction.  She has an amazing imagination that attracts readers who love a good sex, love and drama story.  "Love Fire & Ice" and "Love on Fire" are V. Marie's duo novels available in print or online.


Best seller bound, she stretches her imagination as far as the words on the page will take her.  Even she is surprised at how her creative mind lives in a space all of its own.  She's surprisingly witty and full of humor in her writing style and there is nothing she will not say when the pen meets the paper.   Her self-acclaimed quote, "You have to know me to know me." It signifies the different layers and aspects of her personality that make her unique in more ways than one.  When it comes to writing, the thoughts that reside inside her mind...they have no idea.


You can find V. Marie’s projects and other information online at or

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