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marlon mccaulsky

Author and Screenplay Writer 


Marlon McCaulsky, is an American author originally from Brooklyn, New York but was raised in St. Petersburg FL.


Marlon’s publication credits include, "The Pink Palace", "From Vixen 2 Diva", "The Pink Palace II: Money, Power & Sex", the anthology "Romance For The Streets", "Love & Life" a teen novella, "The Freak Files Reloaded" an erotic anthology, co-author of  "Used To Temporary Happiness", "Malicious" (Pink Palace Series), "Bad Girl" and "Urban Fantasies" a six part E-Series for Nook and Kindle.

Marlon is a screenplay writer with Creative Genius Films, where he’s helped build and grow the  company since it’s inception in 2012. "Used To Temporary Happiness" was his debut independent film. He also wrote the screenplays for the short films "No Time For Love" and "Annulment". He is also a co-writer on the sci-fi thriller "RETURNED".

You can find Marlon McCaulsky publications and other information online at

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