used to temporary happiness

Director:  Lamont Gant

´╗┐Screenwriters:  Marlon McCaulsky and Lamont Gant

´╗┐Genre:  Drama


On the surface, Ariyanna Stokes appears to have everything a woman wants, undeniable beauty, the eyes and affection of handsome men, and good friends. But deep down inside she has kept a dark secret that affects every aspect of her life, a shameful secret that she deals with everyday.


A series of events bring changes to every one of her friend s lives. Iyana Burns, Ariyanna's best friend, finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy but is keeping the baby the right thing to do or is it in her best interest to get rid of it?  Yasmien Taylor, mother of two, goes into a downward spiral of depression, drugs, and raunchy sex with random men while trying to deal with the sudden death of her husband.


Kera Williams comes back to Atlanta still carrying a torch for Ariyanna’s cousin Rayshawn. When she finds out he’s now with her frenemy Iyana she is determined to do whatever it takes to get him back. Even if it means going behind Iyana s back. After Ariyanna’s man Tre, does the unforgivable; an old flame named Vell comes into her life and gives her everything Tre never did. But can he handle the reality of Ariyanna’s life or will her dark secret keep her Used To Temporary Happiness?



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